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Drivers and management have unanimously opted for in-cab tablet solution Mobile Workforce

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Significant reduction of paper and manual input of data”


Easy-to-learn program for drivers

Drivers and management have unanimously opted for the in-cab tablet solution Mobile Workforce. As a business, Ferrovial manages waste services from the doorstep right through to processing, recycling and creating energy from waste. They work for a wide range of customers, from local authorities through to delivery of commercial waste services for large companies. They’ll also capture the data you need to report on your waste management performance through our technology-enabled collection vehicles.

The Challenge

For Ferrovial, the challenge was to optimise the total process, getting the vehicles freed from paperwork and the manual management of about 80,000 route sheets per year.

The Solution

Ferrovial is using the tablet solution to let customers digitally sign to obtain a ‘proof of service’. Fussing with signatures on forms is a thing of the past. As soon as a Ferrovial customer digitally signs the order, it is immediately recorded in the AMCS back office software (ERP). Once it is received in the back office, the customer receives the signed digital purchase order via e-mail. This eliminates administrative hassles. 

The results

The result is a significant reduction of paper and the manual input of data. Besides real time visibility of all the activities of the vehicle, all in all, a sum of crucial advantages.”, according to former IT manager Jordi Vea iBarnbany

Learn more

Download the case study and learn about all benefits and results Ferrovial has achieved by implementing the in-cab tablet solution from the Mobile workforce suite and Enterprise management (ERP). 

Ferrovial trucks

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